New Design Awards Entries Accepted May 2024 – Site Under Development

Starnet Design Award Tips

Participating in the Starnet Design Awards offers an exciting opportunity to showcase your work, commemorate your project team's achievements, and garner recognition in the commercial flooring industry.

Engaging in this awards program allows your company to:

  1. Heighten your company's visibility and engage with new audiences through marketing outreach campaigns.
  2. Instill confidence in prospective clients throughout the project selection process
  3. Spotlight the allure and desirability of your firm to attract top-tier talent.
  4. Foster client appreciation by highlighting and sharing their project successes.

A well-prepared submission not only highlights your project but also reflects your professionalism to impress the jurors. Before you start your submission, thoroughly review the criteria, guidelines and tips for a successful Starnet Design Awards entry.

Best of luck with your Starnet Design Awards submission!