New Design Awards Entries Accepted May 2024 – Site Under Development

Call for Entries

Annually the Starnet Design Awards celebrate the high-quality projects completed by Starnet flooring contractors in partnership with architects, designers, and Starnet aligned manufacturing partners. Category gold, silver, bronze winners are selected by a panel of judges including Corporate, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality and Public Spaces and Mixed-Use Developments. Each category gold winner competes for the overall Grand Prize award. Additional awards are presented for the Unique Installation Challenge, Single Source Interior Contractor Award, Canadian Project of the Year and coveted People's Choice voted upon by Starnet network partners.

Submissions in the Starnet Design Awards are open all year long with winners being announced during Starnet's Annual Spring Meeting. All entry nominees and winners receive promotional materials to market their project entry(s) in their local market and promoted by Starnet nationally in the press, social media and other channels.

Entry Categories

Prizes will be awarded in a total of six categories. Projects may be entered in one and only one of the following categories. Submissions may be reassigned to a different project category at the judges discretion. If there are less than 3 entries submitted in a category, the Starnet Design Awards Committee reserves the right to contact the member to have the project reassigned to a new category and the category will not be contested.


Conference Rooms, Office Spaces, Work Areas, Lobbies, Break Rooms, and other workplace spaces.


Hospitals, Clinics, Doctor’s Offices, and Health Campuses with applications in operating rooms, patient rooms, entryways, receptions areas, waiting rooms, dining halls, and other areas.


K-12 schools and Higher Education learning facilities with applications in classrooms, dining facilities, student housing, libraries, media centers, hallways, common areas, sports and recreation spaces, and more.

Hospitality/Public Space:

Hotels, restaurants, health clubs, airports, theaters, libraries, sports venues, museums, government facilities, houses of worship, stores, malls or shopping facilities.

Mixed-Use Developments

Properties that encompass a single site or building and contain a minimum of two facilities including retail, office, residential, lodging, recreation or other amenity that creates a live-work-play environment. Examples include multi-family and senior living.

Unique Installation Challenge

Entries need to identify and solve installation challenges. Examples include solutions for complex floor failures, project logistics, site conditions, time/budget constraints, integrating multiple floorcovering materials, intricate pattern detailing, alternative use of materials and other scenarios that uniquely challenged the overall project.

Single Source Interior Contractor Award

Projects that involve the scope of a turnkey client solution from project conception to design, product selection to installation and successful delivery to the client end user.

Canadian Project of the Year

The award recognizes the outstanding projects delivered to end users from Nova Scotia to British Columbia by Starnet’s elite network of Canadian flooring contractors.

People's Choice

Annually, the People's Choice award is selected by Starnet Members, Starnet Preferred Vendors, and our friends in the press. The top three vote getters will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze. Winners of the coveted prize will receive accolades from their industry peers and celebrate live during the 2023 Starnet Annual Meeting awards gala event.