Anatomy of a Successful Entry

What does it take to be a winner at the Starnet Design Awards? It starts with a truly exceptional project. One that combines creativity and technical skill. It may appear colorful and complex. Or it may look deceptively simple. Whatever the style, the floor is an integral part of the design that serves both practical and aesthetic purposes.

The Grand Prize winner from Floors by Beckers is the perfect example of a truly exceptional project. It was chosen unanimously by the judges to be both the winner of the Hospitality/Public Space category and the overall winner. Some of their comments during the judging process:


“I just love this because it took circles and added something to them.”

“It adds variety to what could have been pretty a mundane space.”

“I thought the scales, composition, the variety of approach to change up the space was very strong, overall very cohesive.”

“If you’re going to use circle templates like a lot of people did, this is how you do it.”

“Psychology 101, how do you take a long walking distance and make the time go by faster without creating shipping hazards.”

“The fact that they did this in seven days is just unreal.”

“I think this is a tremendous project.”

Of course, having an amazing project is only the first step. To take home a coveted crystal award, you must be able to communicate the star quality of your project in your entry materials.

Take a look at how Floors by Beckers told the story that wowed the judges.



In under 200 words, their strategy clearly and concisely communicates the client’s goals and the ways in which the design – and especially the flooring – achieved that goal.

“The classic 32 story LaSalle Plaza Tower is situated in the heart of the Minneapolis business and downtown entertainment district. The LaSalle Plaza skyway system is one of the largest in Minneapolis. It serves as a critical artery for those who work, visit or play. It connects an array of retailers, renowned historic theaters, trendy restaurants, hip bars, office towers with their connecting sky-bridges. The owner’s vision, as conveyed to the architectural design team at NELSON, was one of movement, color, energy and revitalization. NELSON needed to respect the building architecture, recognizing the need to energize and more truly align the restaurant, theater and retail tenants. Taking cues from architectural elements and patterns found within the building, the owner’s vision became absolute reality. The use of colorful repetitive forms and exaggerated imagery punctuate the sleek black Tandus Endhara II field carpet and exudes an exciting energy that leads visitors throughout the skyway/plaza.”



It takes only 4 photos to capture the effect of this incredible project. Each one not only shows off the sophisticated design, but demonstrates just how integral the flooring is to the overall design concept. The professional photos are well lit, well proportioned, and composed to convey the impact of the design.

entry-158-img-1180566417 entry-158-img-203661270 p_entry-158-img-1336360432 entry-158-img-1962285981

For tips on capturing the best images of your projects, visit the Resources section.



And of course, their entry form contained all the details, including their name, location, the architect/design firm on the project and the Starnet Preferred Vendor Partners and products used.

Think you have a winner? Get your materials together and enter now.