How are winners selected?

The Starnet Design Awards are judged by a panel of three professionals selected from respected firms within the commercial A & D community. For sponsored categories, an honorary sponsoring judge also participates in the evaluation.

The judging evaluates in three main areas:

  1. Creative Use of FlooringFirst and foremost, entries are evaluated on the creativity reflected in the use and selection of flooring materials.
  2. Flooring Design & IntegrationThe next criterion for evaluation is the flooring design and how it integrates in to the overall design of the space. How impactful is the design and is the flooring an integral part of that impact?
  3. Meeting Client ObjectivesBased on the strategy statement provided, how well do the flooring choices reflect a creative and successful solution to the client’s challenges?

Specialty Categories

Unique Installation Challenge entries are also given a score based on the difficulty of the installation challenge and the effectiveness of the entrant’s strategy for solving it.


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